Yuba Sutter Rainbow Montessori School
"Capture the Joy in Learning"

Montessori School Syllabus

During the school year we focus on the following:

Normalization Activities
  • Work HabitsIndependent Involvement
  • Use of Time
  • Respect for Materials
  • Developing Interest to Experience New Lessons
  • Appropriateness in Choice of Materials
  • Concentration
  • Completion of Activity Cycles
  • Sense of Order
  • Positive Self Image
  • Respect for Others
  • Self Control
  • Following Directions
  • Attitude Toward School
  • Interacting with Peers
  • Interacting with Teachers

Motor Coordination Activities
Eye-Hand Coordination
Fine Muscle Coordination
Large Muscle Coordination

Practical Life Exercises
Dressing Frames
Care of the Environment

Sensorial Development Exercises
Discrimination of Dimension (Size, Length, Width)
  • Cylinders
  • Broad Stair
  • Nesting Jobs
  • Pink Tower
  • Long Rods
Discrimination of Color
  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Color Graduation
Discrimination of Texture
  • Touch
  • Cloth
Discrimination of Sound
  • Sound Cylinders
  • Bells
Discrimination of Combined Senses
  • Thematic Tablets
  • Basic Tablets
  • Monomial Cube
  • Binomial Cube
  • Trinomial Cube
  • Mystery Bag
  • Discrimination of Grains
  • Geometric Solids
  • Geometric Cabinet
  • Constructive Triangle Boxes

​Language Skills
Intelligible Articulation
  • Speech
  • Self Expression in Simple Sentences
  • Vocabulary
Language - Reading
  • Union of Sounds with Symbols
  • Analysis of Sounds of Words
  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Simple Three Letter Phonetic Words
  • Four Letter Phonetic Words
  • Multiple Syllable Phonetic Words
  • Simple Sentences
  • Phonograms
  • Complex Sentences
  • Interpretation of Reading
Langua​ge - Writing
  • Metal Insets - Simple and Complex
  • Letters, Words and Sentences

Symbols, Quantities and Characteristics of Numbers
  • Quantity and Sequence: 1-9, 10-19 and 20-99
  • Symbols
  • Association of Symbols and Quantity
  • Odd Versus Even
  • Hundred Board
  • Quantities of Units, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands
  • Symbols of Units, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands
Introduction to Mathematical Processes
  • Addition and Addition with Carrying
  • Subtraction and Subtraction with Borrowing
  • Multiplication and Dynamic Multiplication
  • Division, Short and Long

Continents, General Characteristics
Specific Continents

Simple Concepts
Complex Science Concepts