Yuba Sutter Rainbow Montessori School
"Capture the Joy in Learning"

Parent Testimonials

"My children have been attending Rainbow Montessori School for the last 6 years.  I have been very impressed with the quality of education that my girls have received with Mrs. Essenwanger.  She is an extremely conscientious and responsible owner/director of the school.  The children have been well protected and supervised by the carefully selected staff.  One is welcome to visit the school at any time (and I have) and, at all times, the school is exceptionally well run and overseen.
I have the utmost respect and regard for this outstanding school and its director, Mrs. Essenwanger."
     Susan and Robert Polhemus, M.D., Yuba City, 1997

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend your Rainbow Montessori School to everyone I come in contact with, for I truly respect and admire the work that you and your staff do there.  Rainbow Montessori School is exceptional, though I wish it were the norm.  You have established a creative and stimulating classroom environment, while maintaining a positive learning environment for the children.  I have never seen a more structured classroom setting than the one maintained at Rainbow Montessori School.  To say I am impressed is an understatement.  Congratulations to you for setting such a high standard in preschool education.  This is education at its best."
     Pat Keen, Yuba City, 2010

"As a former student with four years (2 years preschool, kindergarten and first grade) experience at Rainbow Montessori, I have so many fond memories that I smile to myself and even sometimes laugh out loud.  I still remember the procedures that helped me organize things, loved map poking, and all the times we got to paint.  The playground was one of my favorite places to be and I hear the same choice from my daughter who currently attends Montessori now.  And it was one of my sons favorite too when he attended.  I love knowing that my children are getting the same great education and creating the same type of great memories my brother and I had over 25 years ago.  Rainbow Montessori is a great place to foster learning and the love of school.  It would be a great choice for anyone who is looking for a superb preschool for their child.  I recommend it to everyone."
     Cari Lewis, Gridley, 2010

"My granddaughter is in her second year at Rainbow Montessori.  As her daytime caregiver who takes an active role in her education, I have been very pleased to observe the methods used at Rainbow Montessori to teach courtesy, kindness and caring to young children in addition to academics.  I have noted many comments from fire fighters, bus drivers, police officers and field trip officials about the extraordinarily good manners exhibited by the school's three to five year old students.  Even more impressive is the loving way in which they are taught."
     Barbara Tarvidas, Sacramento, 2010

"Rainbow Montessori is the perfect preschool for our daughter.  They offer a challenging curriculum, while teaching her the importance of respect, creativity, and friendship.  Her teachers truly care about each and every student and their futures!  we would recommend them to anyone..."
     Alicia and Robert Lee, Yuba City, 2010

"I was pleased with the full Montessori experience.  My daughter was an only child when we put her in preschool at the age of three to increase her socialization skills.  She spent two years at Rainbow Montessori and I fully expected her to excel in Kindergarten, which she did!  We will definitely enroll our younger daughter in Rainbow Montessori when she turns three."
     Catharine Dykes, Browns Valley, 2011